we take immense care

Twin Design is a medium-sized company established in the 70's. We are a construction company offering a wide range of services. 

We produce decors in the broadest sense of the word, and this involves a whole host of services. As we are a small company, we are all closely involved in the final product. Small is beautiful... 

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we get things moving

We always listen to our customers and try to advise on the feasibility of the design, and given our long-standing experience we know a thing or two about trouble-shooting and project management. Problem-solving is wired into our DNA, and we are well-known for our hands-on approach. 


we get the job done for you

We can offer flexibility because we try to keep as many of the different disciplines in house. In addition, we work fast and accurately and to very tight deadlines: carpentry, joinery, CNC turning, processing and welding of metal, aluminium and stainless steel, various types of painting and decorating work; everything happens at one location and is carefully co-ordinated.


Anything that is produced here will only leave our workshops after careful inspection and testing. In this way, we minimise the risk of any surprises at the time of fitting or delivery. 

We attach a great deal of importance to quality control and will ask questions throughout our production process, thus creating a close bond with our customers and partners.


Twin Design performs work for various designers, set designers, architects, product designers and public authorities. Feel free to contact us for decors for television, opera & theatre / museum layouts / exhibitions / visitor centres / public and reception areas / shop and showroom fitting.


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